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Armenia Investing $8.5 Million to Launch Supercomputer Center for Artificial Intelligence

Armenia Investing $8.5 Million to Launch Supercomputer Center for Artificial Intelligence

Armenia is set to embark on a groundbreaking venture with the establishment of a Supercomputer Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI), as announced by Hakob Arshakyan, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, via his Facebook page. The initiative, with a substantial financing of 3.5 billion AMD (equivalent to around 8.5 million US dollars), aims to create a pioneering hub leveraging cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

Arshakyan emphasized that this upcoming center will mark a significant milestone not only for Armenia but for the entire region, serving as a technological flagship built upon the latest advancements in AI.

"This program is the realization of a priority established during the meeting between RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and NVIDIA's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, held on April 21 in Yerevan," stated Arshakyan.

The Deputy Speaker played a pivotal role in advocating for the inclusion of the Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer Center program within the framework of the draft law on the 2024 budget. The proposal received approval during the recent Government session and is slated for discussion in the National Assembly in the near future.

Expressing gratitude, Arshakyan extended appreciation to all involved parties, including scientists, entrepreneurs, and government officials, for their dedicated contributions to the project's preparation and development.

The imminent establishment of this Supercomputer Center for Artificial Intelligence signifies Armenia's commitment to technological advancement and innovation. It aligns with the nation's strategic vision to become a regional leader in the realm of artificial intelligence, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to drive progress and foster economic development.

The initiative holds promise for fostering research, innovation, and the development of AI applications that could potentially have far-reaching implications across various sectors, solidifying Armenia's foothold in the global technology landscape.


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