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Armenia Reveals Top Cause of Death Among Armenians in 2023

Armenia Reveals Top Cause of Death Among Armenians in 2023


In a recent release by the Statistical Committee, official data reveals that cardiovascular diseases remained the leading cause of death in Armenia in 2023, mirroring the trends observed in the previous year. The report sheds light on key health statistics, underlining a total of 24,305 recorded deaths in 2023, reflecting a decrease of 2,387 compared to the previous year.

Cardiovascular Diseases Maintain Grim Grip

The reality persists as cardiovascular diseases claimed the lives of 12,973 individuals in 2023, though showing a slight decline from the 14,239 recorded in 2022. Despite efforts to address and manage these health concerns, it remains a prevalent challenge for public health.

Cancerous Tumors, Respiratory Diseases, and Gastrointestinal Issues Follow

Cancerous tumors accounted for 5,089 deaths in 2023, a slight decrease from 5,141 in 2022. Meanwhile, respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal issues contributed to 2,090 and 1,181 deaths, respectively. These figures demonstrate a notable reduction from the previous year, signaling potential progress in managing these health issues.

Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Endocrine Issues, and External Causes in Focus

The report also highlights a decrease in deaths attributed to infectious and parasitic diseases, with 147 recorded in 2023 compared to 148 in 2022. Endocrine diseases claimed 437 lives, a slight increase from 398 in the previous year. External causes, including accidents and injuries, led to 1,066 deaths in 2023, showing a decline from the 1,258 reported in 2022.

COVID-19 Impact Diminishes, Other Diseases Remain Significant

While the number of deaths related to COVID-19 and other viruses decreased to 45 in 2023, down from 812 in 2022, the impact of other diseases persisted. A total of 1,277 deaths were attributed to various other illnesses in 2023, signaling a modest increase from 1,195 in 2022.

Suicide Rates: A Concerning Uptick

The report draws attention to the concerning rise in suicide rates, with 198 recorded cases in 2023 compared to 188 in the previous year. Mental health and suicide prevention efforts may warrant increased attention and resources to address this growing concern.


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