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Armenia's Defense Minister Cancels Visit to Brussels, Rushes Back Amid Azerbaijani Attack

Armenia’s Defense Minister in Brussel

Armenia’s Defense Minister Suren Papikyan has suspended his working visit to Brussels and is returning to Armenia, Defense Ministry spokesman Aram Torosyan told ARMENPRESS.

Due to the escalation at the Armenia-Azerbaijan border on April 11, Armenia’s Defense Minister is returning back to Armenia after four servicemen were shot and killed by Azerbaijani forces — and six Armenian servicemen are wounded.

On April 10, the delegation led by Defense Minister Suren Papikyan left for Brussels on a working visit.

As part of his visit to Brussels, the Armenian Minister of Defense visited the NATO Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe – the headquarters of NATO’s Allied Command Operations.

A ceremonial welcoming ceremony featuring the guard of honor for Papikyan was held with participation of the NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe command, military representatives of NATO member and partners countries.

On April 11, units of the Azerbaijani armed forces fired at Armenian servicemen carrying out engineering works in the Armenian village of Tegh. The Armenian side took retaliatory actions. As a result of the large-scale shootout, the Armenian side has four victims and six wounded, the Azerbaijani side has a large number of victims and wounded.


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