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Armenia’s Main Christmas Tree Lights up With Fireworks and Live Performances

Armenia’s Main Christmas Tree Lights up With Fireworks and Live Performances

Armenia's Christmas tree, standing in Yerevan’s Republic Square, has officially lit up, filling the air with the magical essence of the holiday season.

Joined by the presence of Yerevan Mayor Tigran Avinyan, local officials, and a host of citizens, the evening transformed into a spectacle of joy. The tree's illumination was accompanied by an explosion of colorful fireworks that painted the sky.

Our team from The Armenian Report attended the festivities and chatting with attendees. Among the diverse crowd, we met tourists, many from Russia, France, Dubai, Iran, and the UAE.

For these visitors, being part of Yerevan's Christmas tree lighting ceremony was an exciting moment, brimming with holiday spirit. Meanwhile, the locals expressed heartfelt hopes for peace in their homeland.

One heartwarming encounter stood out—a chance meeting with a spirited soldier, dressed in his military attire and enjoying the evening with his girlfriend. Grateful for this break from active service, he shared how precious it felt to spend the holidays surrounded by loved ones.

As the sparkling lights adorned the square, they not only signaled the start of festivities but also carried a message of unity and hope. The onset of the New Year in Yerevan reminds us of the warmth of togetherness and the universal wish for peace.


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