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Armenia Secures 3rd Place in Junior Eurovision 2023

Armenia Secures 3rd Place in Junior Eurovision 2023

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice, France, the musical competition saw Zoé Clauzure of France clinching the coveted title with 228 points, while Spain secured a close second place with 201 points. Armenia secured the third position, amassing 180 points in the prestigious competition.

The outcome of the competition, determining the winners, was a culmination of a 50-50 split, with half the points derived from public votes and the remainder from national juries' assessments.

Armenia's spirited representation in the event was helmed by the Yan Girls group, performing their tune "Do It My Way." The selection of this year's Armenian delegates for the Junior Eurovision 2023 was the result of a rigorous competition organized by the Public Television Company.

Comprising members Nane, Nancy, Camilla, Suzanne, and Aida, the formation of the Yan Girls group was solely dedicated to their participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, showcasing their talent and enthusiasm on an international platform.

However, an interesting aspect that surfaced after the event was the potential impact of active voting from Armenians. Observers noted that in recent years at Junior Eurovision, countries have been permitted to cast votes for their own representatives, offering an added opportunity for self-support. It was suggested that if Armenians had rallied more actively for Yan Girls, their chances of securing a higher position could have been enhanced significantly.

It was pointed out that in the Junior Eurovision context, self-voting by countries has been a factor that could potentially tip the scales in favor of those who mobilize strong support within their national communities and diasporas. Regrettably, Armenia's third-place finish was attributed to a shortfall in votes from its community and diaspora, despite the evident talent and fervor showcased by the Yan Girls.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest not only celebrates musical talent but also highlights the power of community support and solidarity in shaping the final standings. Armenia's impressive third-place achievement stands as a testament to the dedication and talent of the Yan Girls, underscoring the importance of broad-based support in such international competitions.


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