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Armenia Unveils Ambitious 2023-2033 Diaspora Partnership Strategy

Armenia Unveils Ambitious 2023-2033 Diaspora Partnership Strategy

In an effort towards fostering stronger ties between Armenia and its global diaspora, the Office of the High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs has announced the development of the 2023-2033 Armenia-Diaspora Partnership Strategy. High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan shared insights into this strategy during an interview with The Armenian Report.

According to Sinanyan, the strategy revolves around a "state-centered, pro-state" Diaspora vision. The document, already in circulation, aims to deepen the sense of statehood and nationhood among Armenians living in the diaspora. Sinanyan emphasized the importance of working with the diaspora based on principles of respect, with a focus on strengthening the ideology of statehood-building.

He highlighted the challenge of instilling a sense of nationhood and statehood-building within the diaspora, emphasizing the role of a strong state as the anchor for the perpetuity of Armenians worldwide. Sinanyan acknowledged that while Armenians in Armenia naturally have a strong sense of nationhood, diaspora Armenians may not share the same notion. Therefore, the strategy aims to exclusively center the diaspora's efforts around the state.

Sinanyan stated that they have received numerous recommendations and offers regarding the strategy, and the document is currently undergoing amendments based on the feedback received. The strategy's inception dates back to the First Global Diaspora Summit in Armenia in 2022, and Sinanyan's office is actively involving representatives from the diaspora in the ongoing process.

Anticipating the 2nd Global Diaspora Summit in mid-September 2024, the agenda is expected to cover crucial issues such as security, economics, and culture. The 2023-2033 Armenia-Diaspora Partnership Strategy will undergo discussions in the coming months, with plans to forward it to the Cabinet.

In response to key questions about the strategy, Sinanyan emphasized the need for the Armenian Diaspora to focus on the state of Armenia and Armenian statehood. He outlined the goal of making the idea of having a state a fundamental principle for everyone, encouraging active participation in the development of state systems.

When asked about the program's future, Sinanyan indicated a continued emphasis on presenting the vision of a state-centric diaspora during community visits. He stressed the importance of understanding that the values that unite Armenians are guaranteed to endure within the state.

Regarding the project's timeline and expectations from the diaspora, Sinanyan mentioned that the strategy is still in the internal approval process. Once published on the website, it will be open for public discussion, and active participation from the diaspora is anticipated. Sinanyan emphasized that the success of the strategy depends on the understanding and support it receives from the diaspora, making their involvement crucial for its substantive components to succeed.


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