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Armenia Welcomes Largest Data Processing Center by OVIO

Armenia Welcomes Largest Data Processing Center by OVIO

OVIO has announced the opening of the largest and most powerful Data Processing Center in Armenia, set to become the backbone of data management and cloud services in the country. This new facility, located in the city of Abovyan, just 10 miles from the capital Yerevan, is built to high TIER III reliability standards, ensuring top-tier equipment and infrastructure reliability.

The OVIO data center boasts more than 200 racks and offers secure data processing and storage for businesses and government institutions. This will allow organizations to save substantial amounts of money on expensive equipment and maintenance. The data center features advanced capabilities such as double data replication, power supplied from two electrical substations, a backup cooling system, and uninterrupted operation during maintenance and upgrades.

The investment program for the Data Processing Center was approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and is part of the 'Infrastructure for Investment' support program of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

Hayk Faramazyan, CIO of OVIO, expressed his excitement about the project: "It is a great honor for me to announce the official launch of the largest data center in Armenia. The launch of this state-of-the-art facility is an important step towards our country's technological development and underscores our commitment to strengthening Armenia's position in the global IT environment. I express my gratitude to our team, our partners, and the government of Armenia for their support."

Faramazyan emphasized that the Data Center would act as a catalyst for economic growth, attracting foreign companies and concentrating local technological potential. He noted that the facility has already created hundreds of jobs for qualified specialists who receive continuous training.

The new Data Processing Center is a significant milestone for Armenia, promising to boost the country's technological infrastructure and support its growth in the global IT market. This development not only enhances data security and management for various organizations but also creates economic development through job creation and attracting foreign investment.


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