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Armenian Embassy Formally Opens in Uruguay

Armenian Embassy Formally Opens in Uruguay

The official inauguration of the Armenian embassy in Uruguay took place on Thursday, marked by a ceremonial event attended by high-profile dignitaries including Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan and his Uruguayan counterpart, Omar Paganini.

The ceremony commenced with the hoisting of the Armenian national flag by Foreign Minister Mirzoyan, followed by the rendition of the national anthems of both Armenia and Uruguay, symbolizing the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Among the esteemed guests was Graciela Bianchi Poli, the interim Vice President of Uruguay, who, along with Minister Paganini, signed the Guestbook of Honor, signifying the warm reception and camaraderie extended to the Armenian delegation.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Mirzoyan expressed profound gratitude and pride at the formal opening of the Armenian embassy in Uruguay. He spoke about the significance of this momentous occasion, emphasizing the deepening of bilateral relations and the fostering of mutual cooperation between Armenia and Uruguay.

Minister Mirzoyan highlighted the longstanding historical ties between the two countries, dating back over a century, when Uruguay provided refuge to Armenians fleeing the Armenian Genocide. He expressed heartfelt appreciation for the hospitality and opportunities afforded to the Armenian community in Uruguay, who have thrived and contributed significantly to Uruguayan society. Approximately 15,000–20,000 Armenians live in Uruguay.

In his remarks, Minister Mirzoyan conveyed warm greetings to the Armenian community in Uruguay, acknowledging their pivotal role as a bridge between the two nations. He emphasized the commitment to further enhancing diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between Armenia and Uruguay, facilitated by the establishment of the resident embassies in Montevideo and Yerevan.

The opening of the Armenian embassy in Uruguay represents a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between the two countries, marking a new chapter of cooperation, friendship, and mutual respect. As the flags of Armenia and Uruguay fly side by side, the embassy stands as a tangible symbol of the enduring bond between the Armenian and Uruguayan peoples.


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