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Armenian FM Mirzoyan: New Proposals Received from Azerbaijan in Peace Negotiations

Armenian FM Mirzoyan: New Proposals Received from Azerbaijan in Peace Negotiations

Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan reaffirmed Armenian government’s dedication to attaining a definitive resolution to the ongoing peace process with Azerbaijan during a joint press conference held alongside his Iranian counterpart. The conference, convened on Wednesday in Yerevan, focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in the negotiation phase between the two nations.

Mirzoyan, emphasizing his government’s steadfast focus on peace, expressed, "We've reiterated Armenia's dedication to conscientious negotiations with Azerbaijan, aiming for the resolution of relations and the establishment of enduring peace. The peace process remains our steadfast focus."

Providing an update on the negotiation phases, Mirzoyan highlighted the reception of fresh proposals from Azerbaijan. He outlined Armenia's meticulous approach in scrutinizing these proposals while preparing suitable responses and counter-proposals.

"We firmly believe in the possibility of achieving peace—a window that despite numerous obstacles remains open. Despite hardships, including the forced displacement in Nagorno-Karabakh and aggressive rhetoric from Azerbaijan, we remain committed to the peace process," shared Mirzoyan, acknowledging the challenging context within which negotiations persist.

Highlighting the necessity for a reciprocal constructive approach from Azerbaijan to secure a sustainable peace agreement, Mirzoyan acknowledged both positive strides, such as recent contacts leading to the release of prisoners, and Armenia's support for Azerbaijan's hosting bid for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as negative signals like aggressive rhetoric and the avoidance of high-level meetings.

Expressing hope for future engagement, Mirzoyan conveyed Armenia's anticipation for forthcoming opportunities to sign a comprehensive peace agreement.

"We anticipate positive steps from Azerbaijan, aligning with constructive engagements. While there have been proposals, recent high-level meetings have yet to materialize. Our hope rests on the prospect of a peace agreement in the near future," concluded Mirzoyan.


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