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Armenian Government Says Rescheduling Snoop Dogg Concert in Yerevan Is Vital

Armenian Government Says Rescheduling Snoop Dogg Concert in Armenia Is Vital

The highly anticipated Snoop Dogg concert, initially scheduled for September 23 in Armenia's capital, Yerevan, has stirred controversy. Despite the country grappling with pressing social challenges, the Armenian government seems determined to proceed with the event, according to Armenak Khachatryan, Deputy Chief of the Prime Minister's Staff.

During a press briefing at the National Assembly, Khachatryan acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the concert's rescheduled date. "I can't note a specific day now, but everything is being done so that he [Snoop Dogg] comes [to Yerevan for this concert]," he stated.

However, concerns have been raised about the government's priorities, especially considering Armenia's current dire social situation. When questioned about the necessity of holding such an event amid challenging times, Khachatryan emphasized, "Any event that the [Armenian] government plans to do, yes."

The Armenian government had previously allocated a significant budget for the concert, with a contract amounting to 2,318,596,800 drams (approximately $5.8 million) recorded in the treasury from the state budget. This payment was made in full on August 25, yet the event was postponed without a confirmed rescheduling date.

Addressing the issue, Alen Simonyan, the Speaker of the National Assembly, emphasized that if the Snoop Dogg concert were to take place, it should be open to everyone, ensuring inclusivity for all interested attendees.

As the nation awaits further updates on the concert's rescheduling, the decision to proceed with such a high-profile event during challenging social circumstances continues to spark debates and discussions among the Armenian public.


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