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Armenian National Basketball Team Wins 84-79 Against Albania in World Cup Qualifiers

Armenian National Basketball Team Wins 84-79 Against Albania in World Cup Qualifiers

The Armenian national basketball team secured a victory against the Albanian national team in the 2027 World Cup qualifying round. A roaring crowd of almost 5,000 fans witnessed the triumph, marking the team's first home win in the qualifying round.

The Armenian Report team in Yerevan was present to capture the energy and big win.

The atmosphere had high energy and it  kicked off with the national anthems of both Armenia and Albania, with the talented singer Sona Rubenyan delivering a soulful rendition of the Armenian anthem.

From tip-off, it was evident that the Armenian squad, led by coach Rex Kalamyan, dominated all four quarters. The game concluded with a final score of 84-79, favoring Armenia. Point guard Andre Spight-Mkrtchyan emerged as the standout player of the match, contributing 31 points, securing 6 rebounds, and delivering 4 effective passes.

Chris Jones, another key player for the Armenian team, showcased a stellar performance with 22 points and an impressive 11 assists, earning himself a well-deserved double-double.

Following this win, the Armenian team now sits atop the C group with a total of 3 points. The victory not only positions them favorably in the qualifying round but also marks a significant step towards their goal of securing a spot in the 2027 World Cup.

After the intense match, Spight-Mkrtchyan and Zareh Zargaryan, both pivotal players for the national team, shared their thoughts with The Armenian Report’s sports correspondent. Zargaryan expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance, attributing the victory to their collective effort and the unwavering support of the fans. He emphasized that this win was dedicated to the passionate supporters who stood by them throughout the game.

In a post-match interview the day before, Spight-Mkrtchyan had boldly declared that he would not taste defeat on home soil, a promise he fulfilled with the team's resounding victory. The star point guard reiterated this commitment, emphasizing the importance of maintaining momentum as they progress through the qualifying round.

With this exciting victory, the Armenian national basketball team has not only showcased their skills on the court but has also ignited the spirit of fans nationwide, creating a sense of pride and optimism as they continue their journey toward the 2027 World Cup.


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