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Armenian Scientists Establish Contact with Hayasat-1 Satellite; Functional and Transmitting Data

Armenian Scientists Establish Contact with Hayasat-1 Satellite; Functional and Transmitting Data

Armenian scientists have achieved a significant milestone as they established contact with the Hayasat-1 satellite, marking its successful launch into space aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on December 1. The satellite, developed entirely by Armenian specialists, is reported to be in operational condition, transmitting data back to Earth.

The Bazoomq space research laboratory, in collaboration with the Center for Scientific Innovation and Education, proudly announced their achievement in establishing communication with the Hayasat-1 satellite. Via their official Facebook page, the laboratory declared, "We are happy to announce that we are successfully tracking our Hayasat-1 cubesat format satellite. It is in working condition and transmitting its periodic signals. In the next phase, we will move forward as planned. We congratulate the team and all our supporters."

Notably, the Hayasat-1 satellite stands as the second Armenian satellite to venture into space, but it holds the distinction of being the first to be entirely conceived, developed, and created by Armenian specialists within Armenia.

Equipped with a suite of sophisticated instruments, the satellite features sensors designed to measure light intensity across various sides, magnetometers serving as a directional compass, as well as sensors regulating satellite rotation and monitoring critical module temperatures. Additionally, inertial sensors onboard facilitate the measurement of orientation changes.

Moreover, the satellite carries a secondary payload designed to gather crucial data concerning its rotations, position, and motion. This payload includes a GPS receiver with antennas and an experimental inertial measurement unit (IMU), uniquely engineered in Armenia.

The successful communication and functioning of the Hayasat-1 satellite mark a significant achievement for Armenia's space research capabilities. This accomplishment not only signifies a leap forward in the country's technological advancement but also highlights the prowess and dedication of Armenian scientists and engineers in contributing to the global space exploration arena.

The data transmitted by the Hayasat-1 satellite is expected to contribute valuable insights and advancements in space science, highlighting Armenia's growing presence and capabilities in the realm of space research and satellite technology.


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