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Armenian Soldier Injured by Azerbaijani Fire in Armenia’s Ararat Province

Armenian Soldier Injured by Azerbaijani Fire in Armenia’s Ararat Province

On November 18, a soldier from the N military unit of Armenia’s Defense sustained a gunshot wound due to firing from Azerbaijani positions targeting the Armenian location situated in the Paruyr Sevak sector. The incident occurred approximately at 9:50am local time, reported the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

The Ministry conveyed that the injured serviceman's health condition is currently evaluated as moderate, reassuring the public that his life is not under immediate threat. Prompt medical attention has been provided to the wounded soldier.

In response to the unfortunate event, an active investigation has been initiated to comprehensively examine the circumstances surrounding the incident. The Ministry of Defense is dedicated to uncovering all pertinent details to ascertain a clear understanding of the situation.

The incident marks a concerning development in the region, showing the ongoing tensions along the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The injured soldier's condition remains a focal point of attention as tensions persist along the border.

This unfortunate incident emphasizes the need for continued efforts towards establishing stability and peace along the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is urged to prioritize diplomatic dialogue and measures to prevent further escalation of such incidents for the greater peace and security of the region.


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