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Armenians Rally to Support Armenian Apostolic Church Outside Holy Etchmiadzin

Armenians Rally to Support Armenian Apostolic Church Outside Holy Etchmiadzin

In a display of solidarity, a demonstration in support of the Armenian Apostolic Church took place in front of the iconic Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin on Wednesday. The event drew numerous participants, including representatives from Mother See, who addressed the gathered crowd.

Archbishop Arshak Khachatrian, Chancellor of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, acknowledged the historical resilience of the Armenian Church, emphasizing its ability to overcome trials. He stressed the importance of navigating through the challenges faced by the church in the present.

During the demonstration, a participant expressed heartfelt sentiments, stating, "We have come to show our support and protection to the church. Unfortunately, the church today needs the protection of its believers and to stand by its side." The participant referred to recent incidents, including an unfortunate incident related to the New Year's message, as reasons for their spontaneous show of support.

The gathering symbolized a unique moment, with participants standing in unity against various attacks and strikes targeting the Armenian Apostolic Church. The participants pledged their support and filial obeisance, ready to be pioneers in any struggle faced by the church.

The clergy members present at the demonstration expressed their contentment at the unity displayed by the Armenian youth, recognizing their collective effort to stand by the Armenian Church. The demonstration concluded with those present, led by the clergy, reciting the Lord's Prayer.

Notably, the demonstration occurred in the wake of the unprecedented omission of the Catholicos of Armenians' New Year address from the state-funded Public Television broadcast – a significant event in the history of newly independent Armenia.


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