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Artsakh Human Rights Defenders Shed Light on Genocide at Armenian Bar Association Panel in LA

Armenian Bar Association panel discussion

This week, the Armenian Bar Association brought together Artak Beglaryan, Former State Minister and Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh, and Gegham Stepanyan, the current Human Rights Defender of Artsakh, for a crucial dialogue on the plight of the Artsakh people. Invited to speak at a conference in Los Angeles, the two officials shared insights on the genocide affecting Artsakh and offered perspectives on the region's past and future. The event, held in Glendale, CA, featured a Question and Answer session moderated by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Amy Ashvanian.

During Wednesday’s panel discussion, a critical reflection on the temporary loss of Artsakh took center stage. The speakers emphasized the collective responsibility to determine whether, in the course of history, Artsakh would be permanently lost or preserved. They stressed the inseparable connection between Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia (RA), urging a unified commitment to protect and strengthen both entities.

Armenian Bar Association group photo

Also discussed was the rights of the people of Artsakh, asserting the need for a resilient fight to uphold those rights. 

Gegham Stepanyan acknowledged the psychological pressure and terror faced by Armenians in Artsakh for ten months during the blockade. Despite the challenges, he expressed that the people of Artsakh remained ready to continue their struggle, fueled by the hope of returning to Artsakh.

The period from September 19 to 20 in 2023 saw tragic events unfold, with 500 victims during forced emigration. Among them were 210 soldiers and 20 civilians killed in military operations, more than 200 casualties resulting from the explosion of a fuel depot, and 60 individuals lost on the migration route.

Armenian Bar Association with Artak Beglaryan and Gegham Stepanyan

The speakers highlighted the global relevance of the Artsakh issue, indicating that it is not considered closed by international organizations. They highlighted the necessity for the ongoing struggle and expressed determination, expecting continued support from the Diaspora Armenian community.

The panel discussion provided a platform for meaningful insights into the challenges faced by Artsakh, emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility and international support in shaping the region's future.

Armenian Bar Association with Artak Beglaryan and Gegham Stepanyan and Ani Hovhanissian and Anna Kachikyan


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