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Artsakh President’s Official Facebook Page Taken Down Following Persistent Azerbaijani Complaints

Artsakh's President

The official Facebook page of Artsakh’s President, Arayik Harutyunyan, has been deleted by the social media platform after sustained complaints from the Azerbaijani side. The move has sparked controversy and concerns over transparency and information access.

In a statement released on Monday, Harutyunyan's office confirmed that Facebook had suspended the President's account due to an ongoing barrage of complaints lodged by the Azerbaijani side. This extended campaign of complaints, spanning several months, gradually resulted in a series of restrictions being imposed on Harutyunyan's account. These restrictions included a decrease in post visibility and the imposition of bans on specific functions.

The situation escalated further as the number of complaints increased, ultimately culminating in the complete inaccessibility of the account on August 26. In response, the administrators of Harutyunyan's account promptly initiated the necessary procedures to appeal the deletion.

"The administrators of the account, under defined procedures, have filed a request and substantiations to representatives of Facebook asking to cancel the deletion," Harutyunyan's office stated in the release.

President Harutyunyan's Facebook account had boasted a substantial following of 459,000 users, serving as a pivotal platform for maintaining transparency and open communication with the public. The account allowed President Harutyunyan to share information, updates, and engage with citizens directly.

The President's office highlighted the significance of Harutyunyan's online presence, especially considering the challenging circumstances currently faced by the Republic. They expressed dissatisfaction with Facebook's decision, particularly in light of Azerbaijan's alleged efforts to isolate and restrict information flow to the people of Artsakh.

"The Office of the President of Artsakh Republic considers the decision by Facebook to be unacceptable, especially in the current difficult conditions, when Azerbaijan seeks to subject the people of Artsakh to complete isolation and blockade, including in the information area," the statement read.

The removal of Harutyunyan's Facebook page has ignited discussions about the power of social media platforms in shaping public discourse and influencing geopolitical dynamics. Advocates for free expression and open communication have raised concerns over the vulnerability of online platforms to external pressures and political influence.


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