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Artsakh Responds to Azerbaijan’s Meeting Offer

Gov bulding in Artsakh

On March 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) responded to Azerbaijan’s offer on holding a new meeting in Baku.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh said that such meetings between the representatives of Artsakh and Azerbaijan can take place under the mediation of the Russian peacekeepers, and in the same venue where the March 1 meeting took place. In addition, Artsakh authorities believe that such discussions must revolve around humanitarian, infrastructure and technical issues, without unnecessary politicization.

“At the same time we inform that the closure of Lachin Corridor and continuation of the humanitarian crisis are unacceptable and do not whatsoever contribute to the formation of an environment conducive to negotiations. We believe that Azerbaijan must duly implement both the obligations assumed under the November 9, 2020 trilateral statement as well as the demands of the International Court of Justice ruling, by refraining from the use of force or the threat of force, and unilateral, maximalist approaches. Only then will favorable conditions be in place for further discussions. Regarding the political issues of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict settlement, let us remind that Artsakh is committed to the negotiations aimed at a comprehensive settlement of the conflict, which must take place in the internationally recognized and approved format, in conditions of international guarantees for the equal rights of the parties and implementation of obligations,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


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