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Azerbaijan's Ambitious Military Reforms to Upgrade Its Armed Forces with Turkish Model

Azerbaijan's Ambitious Military Reforms to Upgrade Its Armed Forces with Turkish Model

Azerbaijan has implemented a series of reforms designed to bring its military in line with the Turkish armed forces model. The announcement was made by Azerbaijan's Minister of Defense, Zakir Hasanov, who highlighted the strategic importance of these reforms in enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of the Azerbaijani army.

Hasanov emphasized that the reform process is ongoing, indicating a continuous improvement in the nation's defense structure. Their goal is to align the Azerbaijani armed forces more closely with the model of the Turkish military.

The Defense Minister's statement shows the stance taken by Azerbaijan in reshaping its military capabilities. The reforms aim to modernize and optimize various aspects of the armed forces, drawing inspiration from the strategies employed by the Turkish military.

It is essential to recall the major role played by Turkey in supporting Azerbaijan during the large-scale war initiated by Baku in 2020 against the Armenians of Artsakh. The joint efforts of Azerbaijan and Turkey resulted in occupation of significant territories which are indigenous to Armenians. Their collaboration led to the forced displacement of 120,000 Armenians in 2023, highlighting the impact of the military operations.

The reforms being carried out in Azerbaijan signal a long-term commitment to strengthening the nation's defense capabilities. The alignment with the Turkish model is seen as a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency, technological advancements, and overall readiness of the Azerbaijani armed forces.


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