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Azerbaijan Transfers Remains of Two Armenian Soldiers from 2022

Azerbaijan Transfers Remains of Two Armenian Soldiers from 2022

On Friday, Azerbaijan transferred the remains of two Armenian soldiers who died during the September 2022 Azeri attack. Armenia’s National Security Service confirmed the transfer.

In September 2022, a two-day combat operation initiated by Azerbaijan resulted in the deaths of several Armenian servicemen. While Azerbaijan has transferred the remains of these two soldiers, many other prisoners of war are still held in Baku prisons. The transfer of these remains is a small step in addressing the complex and painful aftermath of the ongoing war.

The roots of this ongoing tension can be traced back to the fall of 2020 when Azerbaijan launched a large-scale military attack on the Armenians in the region of Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh. This war resulted in the deaths of thousands of servicemen and civilians, causing widespread devastation and loss.

Following the 2020 war, Azerbaijan held the people of Artsakh in a nine-month blockade, leading to a severe humanitarian crisis in the region. Essential supplies and aid were restricted, exacerbating the suffering of the local population.

Tensions flared again in September 2023 when Azerbaijan launched another attack, prompting a mass exodus of Armenians from their native lands. Approximately 120,000 Armenians were forced to flee their homes due to threats and violence. Many sought refuge in Armenia and other countries, leaving behind their properties and livelihood.

The recent transfer of the soldiers' remains is a reminder of the ongoing humanitarian issues stemming from these Azeri attacks. Many Armenian families are still waiting for news about their loved ones, and the international community continues to call for the release of all prisoners of war and the safe return of the deceased.


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