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Azerbaijani Forces Launch Aggressive Attack Near Kut, Armenia

Azerbaijani Forces Launch Aggressive Attack Near Kut, Armenia

Azerbaijani armed forces initiated a military provocation in the early hours of September 5, targeting Armenian positions near the village of Kut in the Gegharkunik province. The attack occurred between 12:05 a.m. and 12:20 a.m., and it involved the use of firearms.

Armenia's Ministry of Defence swiftly responded to the incident, denouncing the unprovoked attack on Armenian combat outposts in the Kut area. The ministry is closely monitoring the situation and is expected to provide additional updates on the incident and its aftermath.

This latest act of aggression raises concerns about the stability of the region and the fragile ceasefire that has been in place since the ceasefire agreement brokered in November 2020. It also highlights the ongoing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The international community has repeatedly called for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the South Caucasus region, emphasizing the need for dialogue and diplomacy to prevent further violence and instability. The recent attack near Kut underscores the urgency of these calls for a peaceful resolution and the importance of maintaining a lasting ceasefire.


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