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Azerbaijani Troops Continue to Occupy Armenian Territory Near Jermuk

The situation remains tense near Armenia’s Jermuk as Azerbaijani troops, who invaded sovereign Armenian territory in September 2022, have shown no signs of retreat or advancement, reported Vayots Dzor Governor Ararat Grigoryan during a press briefing. The troops continue to occupy parts of Vayots Dzor province, raising concerns about the region's security and stability.

"There’s been no change in the situation; it is calm. The Azerbaijani troops remain in the same places where they invaded, there’s been no change. They’ve neither advanced nor pulled back," Governor Grigoryan confirmed, underlining the ongoing stalemate.

There have been no shooting incidents reported this year, providing a brief respite in the area. Grigoryan stated, "I can’t recall any incident during this one year," highlighting the absence of violent confrontations.

Despite the temporary calm, the lingering occupation of 7600 hectares of sovereign Armenian territory in Vayots Dzor since September 2022 continues to cast a shadow over the region. The situation remains fragile, with local authorities closely monitoring the developments to ensure the safety and security of the affected areas and their residents.

Amid escalating concerns about a possible invasion by Azerbaijan, the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention issued warnings on October 31, prompting swift responses from the international community.

In response to the Lemkin Institute's alarms, the United States Department of State reaffirmed its unwavering support for Armenia's sovereignty. The US State Department, in an official statement, emphasized its strong backing for Armenia's territorial integrity on November 2. The department's stance against any violation of Armenia's sovereignty was made unequivocally clear, with the assurance of serious consequences in case of such breaches.

The United States' clear and resolute support for Armenia is seen as a powerful message within the international community, underscoring the imperative of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations.


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