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Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan Confronts Diaspora's Trust Concerns

Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan Confronts Diaspora's Trust Concerns

In an exclusive interview with Zareh Sinanyan, Armenia's Diaspora Affairs Commissioner, serious questions were raised about the persistent lack of trust in fundraising efforts for Armenia and Artsakh. Sinanyan's responses shed light on the challenges faced by the diaspora but also brought attention to concerns regarding his leadership and the Armenian government.

Sinanyan acknowledged the longstanding lack of confidence in the Armenian Fund, attributing it to the perception of Armenia as a corrupt nation and donor fatigue. He stressed the importance of the diaspora's role in fundraising, advocating for a focus on strategic projects that the government cannot handle, rather than basic infrastructure initiatives that should ideally be funded by the government itself. However, critics argue that this lack of trust extends to the diaspora's faith in the government’s ability to effectively manage funds and address their concerns.

When asked about the controversy surrounding the allocation of funds raised during the 2020 war, Sinanyan clarified that the money was directed towards Armenia and Artsakh's defense, bridging critical gaps in services for the displaced population. He dismissed claims that events like the Snoop Dogg concert led to the decline in trust, emphasizing that the focus should be on the strategic impact of the funds.

Sinanyan's responses also raised questions about the division within the diaspora, expressing concern about the ongoing division within the diaspora, particularly regarding certain opposition groups. While he spoke optimistically about unity efforts, critics argue that his actions have not aligned with his words. Some diaspora members question Sinanyan's ability to bridge the gap between various segments, especially given the apparent lack of transparency in the allocation of funds.

Another significant concern arose regarding Armenians from the diaspora being denied access to Armenia. Sinanyan expressed discomfort with any Armenian being denied entry, but critics argued that tangible action is needed, especially in cases where individuals were barred from returning to their homeland. Sinanyan emphasized that those accused of crimes should be charged in Armenia, reinforcing the importance of accountability.

Despite Sinanyan's efforts to portray a united front, the lack of trust in his leadership and the Armenian government remains a pressing issue. As Armenia strives for stability and development, addressing these concerns and rebuilding confidence within the diaspora are essential steps for fostering genuine unity and collaboration between Armenians worldwide. The diaspora continues to demand transparency, accountability, and tangible results, raising the stakes for Commissioner Sinanyan and the Armenian government to regain their trust. The journey toward unity and trust continues, marking a critical chapter in the diaspora's relationship with Armenia and Artsakh.

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Mr. Sinanyan raises strong points on many productive issues. Many of us in Diaspora served on these organizations and for the good of All Armenia 🇦🇲. Same breath I would like to bring Israel 🇮🇱 in the vision of Unity 🤝 we must mimic what's working in these sensitive Smaller Nations and the objective of The Father Land, that's good for Every member and eventually all Armenians have the privilege to visit, work, repatriot and further the economic strength 💪 of Armenia 🇦🇲 let's grow up together ❤️

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