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Dilijan International School of Armenia Accredited as a Cambridge International School

Dilijan International School of Armenia Accredited as a Cambridge International School

The Board Dilijan International School of Armenia (DISA) Foundation announces that Preparatory Years Centre Dilijan (PYCD) has been awarded accreditation as a Cambridge International school for primary, middle and high school students. Co-located on the territory of UWC Dilijan, an international school delivering the IB Diploma Programme for the last two years of high school to the body of 220 students from over 80 countries, PYCD was launched as a teaching facility for the children of UWCD staff. Over most of the decade of the UWCD development, the center has grown into a fully-fledged school ranging from KG to Grade 9, to date. To this end, international accreditation was a natural progression.  

Cambridge International school accreditation is recognised by ministries and departments of education as demonstration of a school’s commitment to high quality international education. Quoting Cambridge, “Cambridge schools are part of a global community working to prepare students for success in our changing world.” For more information on the benefits of the accreditation please visit the Cambridge website.

Reflecting on the accreditation process, Stephanie Jones, Head, Preparatory Years Centre Dilijan stated, “Receiving accreditation as a Cambridge International school for Primary, Middle and High school students has empowered our staff and validates our commitment to provide high-caliber education for our diverse student base.” 

Adam Armanski, Head of UWCD and Director of DISA, said, “This accreditation gives us a reason to celebrate. With over 70 pupils and growing, external evaluation is paramount. Next year we will have several students going into grade 10, thus completing the full spectrum of education, from kindergarten through, with UWCD IB Diploma Programme, grade 12.” 

“We are delighted that our Preparatory Years Centre, which was spearheaded as a way to provide education for children of UWCD staff, has reached this important milestone.

Having started to attract other pupils and having expanded, the importance of receiving an accreditation became a must. At UWCD we value external benchmarks that push us to keep up the educational excellence we pride ourselves on,” commented Veronika Zonabend, the UWCD Co-founder, Chair of the UWCD Board of Governors and Chair of DISA Foundation.


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