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European Parliament Adopts Two Resolutions Demanding Swift Sanctions Against Azerbaijan

European Parliament Adopts Two Resolutions Demanding Swift Sanctions Against Azerbaijan

The European Parliament has adopted two resolutions demanding swift sanctions against Azerbaijan, emphasizing the need for a strong response to potential military aggression against Armenia. The resolutions, focused on foreign policy and EU security and defense policy, call on the European Union (EU) to take immediate actions to address the escalating tensions in the South Caucasus region.

The first resolution urges the EU to promptly impose sanctions on Azerbaijan and suspend the memorandum of understanding on strategic energy partnership. Additionally, it calls for preparedness to apply targeted and individual sanctions against Azerbaijan's political and military leadership. In the event of military aggression by Azerbaijan against Armenia, the resolution recommends suspending oil and natural gas imports from the country.

The second resolution, encapsulated in the EU's annual report on the common security and defense policy, stresses the importance of purposeful and targeted sanctions in response to Azerbaijani aggression. It encourages the EU to consider measures beyond the political and military circles of President Ilham Aliyev, including the suspension of oil and natural gas imports.

Furthermore, the European Parliament members express doubt about Azerbaijan's eligibility to host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in 2024, citing the country's plans to increase fossil fuel production. This adds a layer of environmental concern to the geopolitical discourse.

Highlighting the risks of renewed military operations in the South Caucasus, the reports highlight the necessity for active EU engagement in the region. The EU's European External Action Service (EEAS) is urged to assist Armenia and Azerbaijan in reaching a historic peace agreement, emphasizing the rejection of external attempts to thwart the peace process.

The establishment of the EU civilian monitoring mission in Armenia (EUMA) is welcomed in the report, aiming to enhance security in conflict-affected and border regions. The Parliament calls not only for the strengthening and extension of EUMA's mandate but also for the deployment of monitors along Armenia's border with Turkey.

Moreover, the EEAS is called upon to provide technical assistance to Armenia through the European Peace Facility, promoting a review of the country's military alliances for enhanced security, independence, and sovereignty. The European Parliament seeks transparency in this process by requesting secret mode access to EUMA reports on the ground situation for scrutiny by relevant parliamentary committees.


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