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European Parliament to Host Conference Addressing Armenian Prisoners of War in Azerbaijan

European Parliament to Host Conference Addressing Armenian Prisoners of War in Azerbaijan

A crucial conference shedding light on the ongoing issue of "Armenian prisoners of war in Azerbaijan" is scheduled to take place in the European Parliament on March 19. The event, titled "The situation three years after the adoption of the European Parliament resolution on the topic," will be hosted by MEP Andrey Kovatchev, as reported by the Embassy of Armenia to Belgium.

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive update on the status of Armenian prisoners of war who have been held in Azerbaijan, offering insights three years post the European Parliament's resolution on the matter. MEP Andrey Kovatchev, who will be spearheading the event, has been a vocal advocate for addressing this humanitarian concern.

The Embassy of Armenia to Belgium highlights the importance of international attention and discussion on the plight of these prisoners of war, highlighting the need for continued efforts to ensure their rights and well-being. The conference is anticipated to facilitate constructive dialogue, fostering awareness and understanding of the ongoing challenges faced by Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan.

The European Parliament's resolution from three years ago marked a significant step in acknowledging and addressing the issue. The upcoming conference seeks to evaluate the progress made since then and explore potential avenues for further actions to secure the release and fair treatment of Armenian prisoners of war.

As the conference date approaches, it represents an opportunity for the international community to come together, share perspectives, and work towards a resolution that safeguards the rights and dignity of Armenian prisoners of war in Azerbaijan. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage and insights on The Armenian Report from this significant gathering in the European Parliament.


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