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Fire Breaks Out in ARF Artsakh Central Office Building, One Person Injured

Arf Artsakh Central Office Building

At 3:13am local time on February 11, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Artsakh received an alert from a resident of Stepanakert that a fire had broken out at 17 Knunyantsner Street.

The State Service of Emergency Situations of the Artsakh Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs writes on its official Facebook page that in order to provide assistance, put out the fire and prevent the danger, one combat unit of fire rescue and the duty operative group of the special rapid response unit went to the scene of the incident.

The fire broke out in the central office of the ARF Artsakh. The fire rescuers isolated the fire at 3:28am and completely extinguished it at 3:48am. The guard post on the first floor of the two-story office was completely burned, the corridor was engulfed in smoke․

According to preliminary data, the guard, a 50-year-old resident of Stepanakert, was taken to the Republican Medical Center with burns. According to the information received from the doctors, his condition is serious․


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