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Foreign Fans Detained During Armenia vs. Wales Football Match Have Been Released

Foreign Fans Detained During Armenia vs. Wales Football Match Have Been Released

All 32 foreign nationals who were detained on the day of the football match between the Armenian and Welsh national teams in Yerevan, Armenia's capital, have been released, according to recent reports.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia's press service revealed that sixteen foreigners were initially taken into custody for being intoxicated in a public area. They were subsequently released following the detention. Additionally, the police reported that another sixteen foreigners were apprehended and handed over to the Investigative Committee of Armenia on charges of hooliganism.

Gor Abrahamyan, the press secretary of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, disclosed that a criminal case had been initiated in response to the incident. "Investigative measures were conducted with these individuals, including a forensic medical examination. They were provided with a referral for examination and then released," stated Abrahamyan.

The situation unfolded prior to the European Championships qualifying game, where more than 30 Wales football team supporters were detained in Yerevan. A gathering of approximately 1,200 fans had congregated in the capital for the Saturday match.

Confirming the arrests, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) reported the detention of 32 fans, with the involvement of the Foreign Office, as per BBC reports.

South Wales Police officers stationed in Yerevan affirmed that no actions had been taken against the detained fans yet. They mentioned ongoing efforts to ascertain the details surrounding the incident.

One of the detained supporters, Lefi Gruffudd, expressed dismay after being taken into custody following what he described as an enjoyable evening in the city. Another fan recounted an instance where around 25 of them were allegedly lined up against a wall and threatened with potential lengthy sentences.

"We were surprised as we were having a good time here. The atmosphere in the bars was fantastic, so this was a massive shock for us," Gruffudd recounted.

The detained fans described their detention as sudden and distressing, alleging mistreatment and lack of explanation during their custody.

The Football Association of Wales assured its continuous engagement with the traveling police and Football Supporters' Association to monitor the situation. Superintendent Steve Rees of South Wales Police in Armenia highlighted ongoing collaboration with local law enforcement and expressed surprise at the atypical behavior exhibited by Welsh fans, known for their good reputation.

The Foreign Office indicated its support for the families of the Welsh fans and maintained communication with local authorities throughout the incident.

The high-stakes football match ended in a 1-1 draw, dealing a setback to Armenia's aspirations for the championship's final stage. The controversy surrounding the detainment of foreign fans, amidst conflicting accounts and allegations, has drawn attention and raised concerns regarding the treatment and circumstances leading to their release.


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