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French-Armenian Journalist Moves to Voskepar Village, Chronicles Life Amid Azerbaijani Threats

French-Armenian Journalist Moves to Voskepar Village, Chronicles Life Amid Azerbaijani Threats

French conflict journalist, Leo Nicolian, has traveled to the Tavush village of Voskepar, driven by the urgency to document unfolding events amidst threats of Azerbaijani occupation.

In an exclusive interview with The Armenian Report, Nicolian shed light on his decision to reside in Voskepar, stating, “The problem is that, as you know, in Europe we have minimal information about what's happening in Armenia. Of course, the international focus is on the Russian-Ukraine conflict, but what's happening in Armenia is also very important."

Nicolian's immersion in Voskepar extends beyond reporting; he has become an integral part of the community, delving into the village's history and intricacies. Recalling his previous visit in 1991 during the turbulent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Nicolian reflects on the enduring fear of loss prevalent among Armenians, exacerbated by recent events.

With Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan under pressure to make concessions, including the possibility of ceding territories to Azerbaijan, Nicolian highlights the gravity of the situation. He tells The Armenian Report, "But where and what for? The problem is that in a few days because he was in exile, I think the decision may be taken there."

Amidst this uncertainty, Voskepar residents grapple with the imminent threat of displacement and loss of land. Nicolian recounts moments spent with families facing the harsh reality of border delineation, where Azerbaijani claims encroach upon Armenian territory.

In light of these challenges, Nicolian emphasizes the importance of equitable compromise, stating, “If Azerbaijan wants to take back a part of some villages where Azerbaijanis were living, Azerbaijan must also give back to Armenia some villages where there were Armenians."

As tensions escalate, Nicolian remains committed to bear witness to the unfolding events in Voskepar, where the resilience and determination of the villagers serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Armenian people.


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