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Gallup Poll Reveals: 40% of Armenians Would Not Vote; Pashinyan's Party Still Leads

Gallup Poll Reveals: 40% of Armenians Would Not Vote; Pashinyan's Party Still Leads

A recent Gallup International Research Center poll has provided insights into voter preferences and participation trends in Armenia, showing significant findings ahead of potential elections. The survey, conducted by phone from July 3 to 6 among 1,100 respondents, sheds light on the current political landscape in the country.

Support for Political Parties

According to the poll results presented by Aram Navasardyan, Director of the Armenian office of Gallup International Research Center, if elections were held next Sunday:

- 14.4% of respondents would vote for the ruling "Civil Contract" party.

- 3.7% would support the "Armenia" bloc.

- 3.5% favor the "Democracy, Law and Order" party.

- 2.3% would vote for the "I Have Honor" bloc.

- 2.3% support the "Rodin Rodin" movement.

- Leader of the "In the Name of Motherland" movement, Bagrat Galstanyan, has 1.5% support.

Undecided and Non-Participation

The survey also revealed that:

- 8.6% of respondents would not vote for any party or bloc.

- 7.1% refused to answer the question about their voting intentions.

- A significant 22.5% found it difficult to decide whom to support.

Navasardyan highlighted a concerning trend regarding voter turnout:

- 32.5% of respondents stated they would refuse to participate in the elections altogether.

- This suggests that more than 40% of respondents might abstain from voting if elections were held soon.

The findings show the complexity of political preferences and voter engagement in Armenia. With a notable portion of respondents undecided or unwilling to participate, political parties face challenges in mobilizing voter support.


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