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George Warwar Unleashes Threats at Armenian Community Outside 'Cows' Garden' in Jerusalem

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

 George Warwar Unleashes Threats at Armenian Community Outside 'Cows' Garden' in Jerusalem

New trouble developed in the serene confines of the "Cows’ Garden," within Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter, as a confrontation unfolded, causing distress among the local Armenian community.

A video shared on X by Kegham Balian, captured an unsettling episode involving George Warwar, the man who is leading XANA Capital Ltd. Warwar, previously seen meeting leaders of the Ateret Cohanim group, appeared to be aggressively intimidating and threatening the peaceful Armenian community members present in the area.

The video footage, shared on X, portrayed Warwar's heated confrontation, where he unabashedly directed aggressive and derogatory remarks, yelling in Arabic, "I will get you one by one outside! You trash!"

Adding to the tension were clergymen also present in the vicinity at the time of the incident.

George Warwar, who earlier had met with the leaders of Ateret Cohanim, was “aggressively intimidating, bullying, and threatening the local Armenians. Ateret Cohanim is an extremist Jewish organization known for its fervent agenda aimed at Judaizing the entirety of Jerusalem's Old City, has been a focal point of contention due to its extremist views and actions.

In response to the distressing situation, members of the local Armenian community urged calm and cautioned against succumbing to provocations. The incident shows the persistent challenges faced by the Armenian community within the historically rich and diverse fabric of Jerusalem's Old City.

This latest altercation in the "Cows’ Garden" has reignited concerns about the security and peaceful coexistence of the various communities within Jerusalem’s tightly interwoven quarters, drawing attention once more to the delicate balance of religious and cultural diversity in the city's ancient heart.

Authorities and community leaders are yet to comment on the incident, leaving lingering questions about the implications and necessary steps to prevent such confrontations from escalating further in the future.


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