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Heavy Equipment Removed from Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter 'Cows' Garden'

Heavy Equipment Removed from Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter 'Cows' Garden'

In a recent development in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem, the heavy equipment that had caused tension and dispute in the area has been completely removed, as confirmed to The Armenian Report by Hagop Djernazian, a member of the Armenian community.

According to Djernazian, the heavy machinery, which had been brought in as early as October 26, was gradually removed by contacting the responsible companies. After persistent efforts, most of the equipment was successfully taken out. However, one bulldozer remained in the parking lot until it was finally removed on Sunday, bringing an end to the presence of heavy equipment in the "Cows' Garden" area.

This incident comes in the wake of a violent attack that occurred on December 28. A group of masked individuals armed with sticks, tear gas-grenades, and other means attacked Armenians in the same area. The attack added to the existing tensions surrounding the Armenian location.

The controversy arose after the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, had leased the "Cows' Garden" area to a company for a lengthy period of 99 years. This decision faced strong opposition, leading to widespread protests. Eventually, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem decided to cancel the lease agreement.

Despite the cancellation, the company's bulldozers commenced demolishing a part of the contested area. When Armenian demonstrators attempted to halt these actions, armed Jewish settlers intervened in an unsuccessful attempt to disperse the protesters.

The removal of the heavy equipment signifies a potential resolution in the long-standing dispute over the "Cows' Garden" area. The community hopes that this step will contribute to easing tensions and fostering a peaceful environment in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.


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