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Humanitarian Crisis Escalates as Lachin Corridor Blockade Hampers Critical Patient Transport

Lachin Corridor

The blockade of the Lachin Corridor has reached a critical point, making it impossible to transport even seriously ill patients from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) to Yerevan for medical treatment. Minister of Health of Armenia, Anahit Avanesyan, revealed this alarming situation during a recent Government briefing.

The reduction of access through the Lachin Corridor to zero, since the previous day, has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian crisis in the region. The inability to transport critical patients to Yerevan adds an alarming dimension to the ongoing challenges faced by the affected population.

Minister Avanesyan expressed her concern over the recurrent exacerbations and the obstacles they pose to delivering essential medical care to those in need. While healthcare professionals are doing their best to provide medical assistance on-site, the blockade hampers the efficient transfer of patients to specialized medical facilities in Yerevan.

Condemning the obstruction of medical care for patients in Artsakh, Minister Avanesyan emphasized that such actions contradict international documents and violate humanitarian principles. The denial of medical care to critically ill patients only adds to the hardships faced by the region's population, further emphasizing the urgent need for a resolution to the crisis.

The situation in Artsakh remains highly sensitive, with the blockade severely affecting the lives and well-being of its residents.

Efforts to find a peaceful resolution and address the humanitarian crisis must remain a priority. The blockade of the Lachin Corridor not only restricts essential supplies and transport but also poses a severe risk to the health and safety of the population in the region.

The international community calls for urgent diplomatic efforts to address the challenges on the ground and ensure the unimpeded passage of critically ill patients to receive vital medical care in Yerevan. The humanitarian crisis requires immediate attention and concerted action to protect the rights and well-being of the affected population.


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