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Hungary’s Prime Minister Warns Europe is Preparing for War with Russia: “We Are Inches Away from Destruction”

Hungary’s Prime Minister Warns Europe is Preparing for War with Russia: “We Are Inches Away from Destruction”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made a stark warning that Europe is entering a critical stage of preparations for war with Russia as the continent becomes increasingly involved in the Ukraine conflict. Speaking to Kossuth Radio, Orban expressed his concerns about the escalating situation and the signs he sees weekly that suggest the European Union (EU) and NATO are gearing up for military action.

Orban explained that the progression towards war typically follows three stages: discussion, preparation, and destruction. He believes that Europe is currently transitioning from the discussion phase to the preparation phase. "Going to war does not happen in one step," Orban stated. "Now we are finishing the discussion and we are in the preparation stage. We are inches away from destruction."

The Prime Minister highlighted two key developments from the past week that indicate Europe's deepening involvement in the Ukraine conflict:

1. Military Training Support: Orban pointed out that talks have been held between France and Ukraine regarding French military instructors going to Ukraine to train Ukrainian soldiers. "If the French go for this, it will be a new level of involvement of EU and NATO countries in the conflict," he said.

2. Use of Western Weapons: There is increasing discussion about using Western-supplied weapons to attack targets deep inside Russian territory. Orban noted that this shift from defensive to offensive use of these weapons represents a significant escalation. "Without NATO, Ukraine would not be able to shell Russian territory, but it can, and thus we are taking another step in the process of involvement in the war," he emphasized.

According to Orban, the escalation is driven by the ambitions of Ukraine and Western countries to achieve victory against Russia. He argued that Ukraine believes it can defeat Russia, while Western nations, feeling more secure than the frontline countries of Central and Eastern Europe, are pushing for military success at any cost. "They want to defeat Russia, they want to achieve military success at any cost," Orban said.

Orban reiterated his government's stance that Hungary should not be drawn into the conflict. "This is not our war, and Hungarians should not suffer because of it," he declared. He said that NATO, as a defensive alliance, was created to protect its member states and not to intervene in external conflicts.


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