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India to Supply 150,000 Units of 30mm and 40mm Grenades to Armenia

India to Supply 150,000 Units of 30mm and 40mm Grenades to Armenia

India is set to deliver 150,000 units of 30mm and 40mm grenades to Armenia in a continuation of their military cooperation, as reported by Indian Aerospace Defence News. This shipment follows the prior supply of 5 million units of 7.62mm caliber rounds by Munitions India Limited to Armenia.

The delivery of military supplies, transported through Iran, has raised concerns from Azerbaijan, particularly as Armenia and India have engaged in intensified military meetings and signed significant contracts worth $245 million. These agreements encompass a range of Indian-made weaponry, including multiple-launch rocket systems, anti-tank rockets, and ammunition, signed during various high-level meetings between Armenian and Indian defense officials.

Azerbaijan's Presidential Assistant, Hikmet Hajiyev, expressed Baku's concerns to the Indian Ambassador regarding the recent armament of Armenia. He emphasized the timing of the supply, citing ongoing discussions between Baku and Yerevan for a peace treaty and the broader quest for stability in the South Caucasus – all while Azerbaijan was committing ethnic cleansing and occupation of the indengous Armenians of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

This move comes amidst a shift in global arms dynamics, with India emerging as an arms exporter and aiming for self-sufficiency in defense production through initiatives like "Made in India." Analysts suggest that Armenia's diversification of arms imports, notably from India, reflects a redirection caused by Russia's engagement in the conflict in Ukraine.


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