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Indonesia Added to Armenia's Visa-On-Arrival List; Panama Removed

Indonesia Added to Armenia's Visa-On-Arrival List; Panama Removed

The Armenian government has made changes to its visa policy, allowing Indonesian nationals the privilege of obtaining entry visas directly at Armenia's state borders. The decision was announced during the Cabinet session held on Thursday.

This decision comes as part of an agreement reached between Armenia and Indonesia, fostering a reciprocal arrangement. Henceforth, citizens of both nations will have the convenience of acquiring entry visas upon arrival at the state border checkpoints.

Previously, Indonesian citizens were only able to secure entry visas to Armenia through Armenian embassies, consulates, or via the E-VISA system. However, with this recent decision, the process has been streamlined, simplifying the entry procedure for Indonesian travelers to Armenia.

Furthermore, Indonesian nationals holding temporary or permanent residency or possessing valid entry visas to various countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Japan, EU countries, Schengen Agreement countries, and Gulf Cooperation Council countries are also eligible to acquire an entry visa to Armenia at the state border checkpoints.

Conversely, the government's decision also includes the removal of Panama from the list of countries whose citizens can obtain an entry visa at Armenian checkpoints. This amendment is based on the establishment of a visa-free regime for Panamanian nationals since September 8, a move reciprocated between Panama and Armenia.

Armenia's dynamic shift in its visa policy aims to facilitate smoother travel procedures, encourage international exchanges, and strengthen bilateral relations with these respective countries.

The adjustments in Armenia's visa regulations not only signify a step towards fostering mutual cooperation and easing travel barriers but also open doors for increased tourism, trade, and cultural exchanges between Indonesia and Armenia while honoring reciprocal agreements with other nations.

The alterations in Armenia's visa policies are expected to come into effect imminently, marking a positive stride towards enhancing global connectivity and cooperation.

As these changes take effect, travelers are advised to stay updated on the evolving visa regulations to ensure a seamless travel experience when visiting Armenia or any other relevant countries mentioned in the policy update.


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