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Israeli Doctors in Yerevan Extend Lifesaving Hands to Armenian Explosion Victims from Artsakh

Israeli Doctors in Yerevan Extend Lifesaving Hands to Armenian Explosion Victims from Artsakh

Responding swiftly to the urgent call from the World Health Organization (WHO), Israel has sent a team of two highly skilled doctors to Yerevan, Armenia, in the aftermath of the catastrophic gasoline warehouse explosion near Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), on September 26. Israel's Ambassador to Armenia, Joel Lyon, confirmed this humanitarian mission on his social media platform.

"Just had a talk with our 2 Israeli Doctors, Dr. Yaron Shoham and Dr. Adi Maisel Lotan, who upon the request of WHO, IsraelMOH, dispatched to Yerevan in order to provide emergency medical assistance to the victims of the horrific fuel depot explosion (9.26.23)," Ambassador Lyon shared, expressing Israel's commitment to aiding the affected Armenian communities.

The medical experts, Dr. Yaron Shoham, head of the burn department at Soroka Medical Center in Israel, and Dr. Adi Maisel Lotan, an expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, have joined a team of international professionals. Their mission is to offer crucial medical support to those impacted by the tragic explosion that caused extensive damage, numerous casualties, and injuries.

In Yerevan, the Israeli doctors have been working tirelessly in collaboration with the Armenia Ministry of Health and WHO, providing specialized care to the victims. Their expertise has been invaluable, with over 200 patients already treated, highlighting the significance of their presence during this critical time.

The explosion at the gasoline depot in Stepanakert necessitated urgent medical attention for the wounded, with many individuals transferred to medical centers in Yerevan for intensive treatment. The Israeli doctors have been sharing their vast experience and skills with Armenian healthcare professionals, enhancing the overall medical response.


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