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On-the-Run 'Assassin' Known as Hitwoman in the Hijab Arrested in Armenia for Botched UK Contract Killing

Updated: Jul 8

Aimee Betro, an American citizen

Aimee Betro, an American citizen suspected of being a hitwoman-for-hire, was dramatically arrested in Armenia after a dawn raid on her rented apartment. The arrest followed an international manhunt that began after an attempted assassination in Birmingham, UK, in 2019 reported the Daily Mail.

Betro, 44, had been wanted since September 2019, when she allegedly attempted to shoot Sikander Ali, a clothing store owner, outside his home in Birmingham. The attempt, ordered by business rivals Mohammed Aslam, 56, and his son Mohammed Nazir, 30, failed when Betro's weapon jammed. Despite a second attempt later that day, Ali escaped unharmed.

Mohammed Aslam
Mohammed Aslam

In a trial that saw Aslam and Nazir convicted of conspiracy to murder, Birmingham Crown Court heard that Betro disguised herself in a hijab for the attack. After the botched assassination attempt, she returned to the United States, seemingly disappearing without a trace.

Mohammed Nazir
Mohammed Nazir

The international hunt for Betro lasted five years, with police forces on both sides of the Atlantic unable to locate her. However, journalists from MailOnline tracked her down within two days by analyzing background details in her Instagram selfies and sunset photos taken from her living room window. These clues led them to a gated housing complex on the northern outskirts of Yerevan, Armenia's capital.

Once MailOnline confirmed her presence, they informed West Midlands Police. Officers from both the UK and Armenia coordinated the raid, resulting in Betro's arrest. The Armenian police detained her in the Vanahovit district of Proshyan village in Kotayk province, just outside Yerevan.

Betro is currently in custody in Armenia, awaiting extradition to the UK, where she will face charges of conspiracy to commit murder and illegal possession of a firearm. Armenia has an extradition agreement with the UK, and authorities are working together to ensure her swift return.

Betro had been living a reclusive life in a $600-a-month flat, often heard shouting at her cat. She moved to Armenia about three years ago, telling her family she had a job as a DJ on an Armenian radio station. Despite her secluded lifestyle, she occasionally attended social events and was known to have had a few parties with friends.

Neighbors in the complex were shocked to learn about Betro's background. Many described her as a quiet, private person who rarely ventured outside. Her landlord, who rented the flat to her, was also unaware of her criminal past and praised MailOnline's efforts in tracking her down.


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