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Opposition Leader Seyran Ohanyan: "Peace Agenda is a Deception for Armenia"

Opposition Leader Seyran Ohanyan: "Peace Agenda is a Deception for Armenia"

Seyran Ohanyan, head of the opposition Armenia Faction of the National Assembly (NA) and former defense minister of Armenia, expressed concerns over Azerbaijan and the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem's approach towards Armenia in the aftermath of the 2020 war.

Addressing reporters at the National Assembly on Monday, Ohanyan stated that their long-standing assertions about Azerbaijan and its alliance with Turkey are confirmed. He emphasized that both countries persist in employing coercive measures and pressures against Armenia.

According to Ohanyan, the proclaimed peace agenda is a deception for Armenia, emphasizing its one-sided nature. He argued that the Armenian authorities, having lost the war, are consistently under coercion and pressure. Ohanyan asserted that from Armenia's side, there is a plea for peace, while the adversary engages in coercive tactics towards Armenia.

Highlighting Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's unchanged rhetoric and continual imposition of new demands on Armenia, Ohanyan expressed understanding that, having achieved de-Armenianization in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and committing genocide against its people, Azerbaijan has shifted focus to maintaining pressure on Armenia.

Ohanyan identified the so-called 'Zangezur corridor,' infrastructural developments, and Syunik Province as critical to Armenia's security, enabling communication and assistance between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Regarding the peace treaty, Ohanyan refrained from discussing its closed part but noted the absence of Azerbaijan's obligations, such as leaving the sovereign territory of Armenia and conducting border demarcation and delimitation.

Ohanyan criticized Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for realizing Azerbaijan's deceptive peace proposal belatedly. He contended that the Armenian authorities consistently act belatedly, citing examples from military actions to foreign policy decisions, where they are influenced by Turkish-Azerbaijani deception.

In conclusion, Seyran Ohanyan voiced his concerns about the ongoing geopolitical situation and urged for a more proactive approach to safeguard Armenia's interests and security in the face of continuing pressures from Azerbaijan and its allies.


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