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Pashinyan Defends Police Actions During Yerevan Clashes That Left 101 People Injured

Pashinyan Defends Police Actions During Yerevan Clashes That Left 101 People Injured

In a statement to the National Assembly on Thursday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan defended the actions of the police during the previous day's protests, describing their conduct as professional and lawful. Pashinyan believes that the protests which are being led by the Catholicos of All Armenians and former President Robert Kocharyan turned violent as demonstrators clashed with the police.

Pashinyan reported that the protesters attempted to break through police lines to attack the National Assembly. He emphasized that the police were protecting Armenia's legislative institution and statehood. "The police protected the legislative institute of Armenia, the police protected the statehood of Armenia," Pashinyan stated.

During the clashes, 18 policemen and 83 civilians sustained injuries. One civilian required surgery to remove three fingers, a detail the Prime Minister expressed regret over. Despite the injuries, Pashinyan maintained that the police response was appropriate given the circumstances.

Pashinyan stressed that those responsible for instigating the mass riots would be held accountable. He argued that legitimacy and a legal system cannot be built on pity, implying that the actions taken by the police were necessary to maintain order and uphold the rule of law.

The protests were a significant demonstration against Pashinyan's government, with participants expressing discontent over various issues, including territorial concessions to Azerbaijan and dissatisfaction with the current administration. 

Prime Minister Pashinyan's remarks indicate a firm stance on maintaining law and order in the face of protests. He assured that the police would continue to act professionally in similar situations in the future.


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