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Pashinyan Proposes Border Exchange: Replacing Voskepar Triangle with Berkaber Triangle in Tavush

Updated: Apr 17

Pashinyan Proposes Border Exchange: Replacing Voskepar Triangle with Berkaber Triangle in Tavush

Today, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan returned to Tavush to resume discussions on border demarcation works with local leaders from Voskepar and neighboring communities. However, the meeting was not without its share of controversies, as cellphones were once again confiscated, and political analyst Suren Petrosyan, who has been in Voskepar for almost two months, was barred from participating.


Accompanied by a sizable contingent of security personnel and vehicles, Pashinyan arrived in Tavush to address concerns raised by residents regarding border concessions and demarcation efforts.

The Armenian Report’s political correspondent Ani Gevorgyan was in Voskepar to speak with the local residents after the meeting with the Prime Minister. Speaking to journalists in Voskepar, Petrosyan shed light on the proceedings of the meeting. He revealed that Pashinyan attempted to reassure villagers by suggesting that 90 percent of them were in agreement with the proposed mutual concessions. Additionally, Pashinyan proposed the construction of a bypass road parallel to Voskepar village, although residents did not endorse the idea.

Petrosyan emphasized that while Pashinyan's remarks may have aimed to pacify villagers, the actual demarcation process remains at a standstill globally. He said the critical role played by the people of Voskepar in halting the decline of statehood, stating, "If they didn't stop, the regular army would have retreated, and the rest would have happened."

Residents also reported that Pashinyan suggested exchanging the area of the triangle around Voskepar with the triangle around Berkaber village, further highlighting the complexities surrounding the border negotiations.

The developments in Tavush shows the ongoing tensions and challenges faced by Armenians.


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