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President of Artsakh Confirms the Republic of Artsakh Will Not Be Dissolved

President of Artsakh Confirms the Republic of Artsakh Will Not Be Dissolved

Recent developments have shed light on the reversal of the presidential decree dissolving Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), reassuring its sustained existence beyond January 1, as confirmed by Vladimir Grigoryan, adviser to Artsakh President Samvel Shahramanyan.

Grigoryan emphasized the decree's annulment, highlighting the basis for this reversal as the president's October 19 decree. According to this decree, key governmental figures, including the president, minister of state, government members, parliamentarians, security council secretary, law enforcement authorities, the mayor of Stepanakert, and regional administrative heads, are retained in their roles on a voluntary basis, without compensation. Additionally, Shahramanyan's decree asserts the validity of documents issued by the Republic of Artsakh post-October 1.

"By virtue of the October 19 decree, it can be deduced that Mr. Shahramanyan effectively nullified the September 28 decree. This ensures the continuity of the Republic of Artsakh, its government, and all other state agencies beyond 2024," stated Grigoryan.

Regarding speculation about a potential new decree canceling the September 28 dissolution order, Grigoryan dismissed the need to anticipate such action. He highlighted the illegality of the decision to dissolve Artsakh and explained that subsequent legal normative acts, including the October 19 decree, affirm the Republic of Artsakh's existence post-2024.

Consequently, questions arose about possible legal repercussions. Grigoryan assured that extensive discussions had occurred, affirming the dissolution decree's invalidity in the legal framework.

President Samvel Shahramanyan's recent meeting with heads of state bodies continuing their functions on a voluntary basis further solidified this course. Discussions during the meeting focused on addressing the challenges faced by Artsakh's populace after forced displacement, with recommendations proposed for their resolution. The President highlighted the need to persist in these efforts throughout 2024, urging continued identification of issues faced by displaced citizens for government attention.

Shahramanyan reaffirmed in the meeting that no document in Artsakh's legal framework envisaged the dissolution of its state institutions. This assertion echoed the sentiments expressed by Metaxe Hakobyan, a deputy representing the "Justice" faction in the Artsakh National Assembly, who clarified to The Armenian Report, "I have not personally seen a decree on the dissolution of the Republic of Artsakh or such a document, only such information was circulated in open sources."

President of Artsakh Confirms the Republic of Artsakh Will Not Be Dissolved

Hakobyan highlighted the unequivocal existence of the Republic of Artsakh, urging collective efforts for the safe return of displaced Armenians to their homeland.

The recent developments and interviews signal a crucial shift, reinstating confidence in the Republic of Artsakh's continuity and challenging perceptions surrounding its existence amid ongoing geopolitical complexities.


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