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President of Artsakh Warns of Genocide Amidst Healthcare Crisis and Blockade

President of Artsakh Warns of Genocide Amidst Healthcare Crisis and Blockade

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan has once again raised alarm about the severe healthcare crisis unfolding in the region due to the continuing blockade by Azerbaijan. Speaking in an interview with local public television, Harutyunyan described the dire shortage of essential medicines in pharmacies, placing vulnerable populations at risk.

In his urgent plea, Harutyunyan declared that Azerbaijan's actions amount to a form of genocide, turning Artsakh into what he referred to as a "major concentration camp." He stated, "Now we already have a preliminary conclusion that this constitutes genocide." The President emphasized that the critical healthcare situation further exacerbates the already dire conditions imposed by the blockade.

"We have severe shortages of medicine in the healthcare sector. There's a shortage of life-saving medications in pharmacies. The number of deaths resulting from various chronic illnesses continues to grow. For example, the cases of deaths from cardiovascular system diseases increased nearly twice in the first half of the year. Pregnant women, children, and people with chronic illnesses are the most vulnerable ones, and their health is deteriorating because of malnutrition, stress, and other issues," President Harutyunyan stated.

In response to the pressing crisis, Harutyunyan declared a nationwide disaster, hoping that the international community would extend humanitarian support. Armenia swiftly responded, sending a humanitarian convoy to assist. However, the aid remains blocked at the entrance of the Lachin Corridor, as Azerbaijan refuses to allow it through.

The impact of the Azerbaijani blockade on Artsakh's economy has been devastating. Harutyunyan highlighted that the process of restoring the economy will necessitate decades of effort and resources. Despite these daunting challenges, the President remains steadfast in his commitment to addressing the crisis head-on. "We are witnessing genocide, and we are planning our steps in this regard," he concluded.

As the region grapples with the compounded humanitarian and healthcare crises, President Harutyunyan's urgent plea underscores the pressing need for international intervention and collaborative efforts to alleviate the suffering and restore the well-being of the population in Artsakh.


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