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Rally Against Territory Surrender in Voskepar Village

Rally Against Territory Surrender in Voskepar Village

Residents of Voskepar village in Armenia’s Tavush province came together in a powerful rally to echo the sentiment: "We will not hand over any territory." The event, attended by numerous social and political figures alongside clergymen, was a display of unity and resolve.


The rally, filled with patriotic songs and dances, was a platform for Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan of the Diocese of Tavush to address the community. He expressed concerns over the government's intentions to involve Voskepar and neighboring villages in territorial delimitation and demarcation discussions.

Archbishop Galstanyan's speech resonated deeply as he criticized remarks made by Nikol Pashinyan, referencing the Prime Minister's comments about clergy engaging in "stand-up comedy shows" at ancient churches. He dismissed Pashinyan's characterization, asserting that their actions were in defiance of evil and falsehoods.


Adding to the strong cultural atmosphere of the event, Khachents, a renowned artist, was also present. He performed stirring Artsakh songs for those in attendance, further uplifting spirits.

The Armenian Report's correspondent, Ani Gevorgyan, present at the rally, captured the voices of residents and freedom fighters alike. Many expressed readiness to defend their land, with some declaring their willingness to take up arms immediately.

Central to their stance is the historical significance of their land, symbolized by the ancient church that stands as a testament to their heritage. Residents strongly oppose any notion of ceding territory to Azerbaijan, citing their ancestral ties and historical rights.

The rallying cry was clear: Nikol Pashinyan must reconsider any plans that involve surrendering their homeland. For the people of Voskepar, this moment mirrors the spirit of resistance seen in the 1990s, reaffirming their determination to safeguard their territory at all costs.


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