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Russian Deputy PM Highlights Trust as Key Factor in Slow Negotiations Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk

In an interview with TASS, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk emphasized that the lack of trust remains the biggest obstacle in the ongoing negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The slow progress in talks can be attributed to this critical issue, he said.

The main concern is how ordinary people from both countries, as well as citizens from other nations, will interact when crossing the border. Ensuring their safety and a smooth transition through the territory of another country is a fundamental question that requires collective answers. Overchuk stressed that the events at the border have a far-reaching impact on everyone involved.

Finding practical solutions becomes even more challenging while hostilities continue. The cessation of shooting would pave the way for more constructive dialogue and facilitate the process of finding lasting resolutions to the outstanding issues.

Overchuk disclosed that Armenia and Azerbaijan are taking pauses between talks to involve experts in analyzing each proposal thoroughly. While significant progress has been made at the deputy prime ministerial level in drafting an agreement, the primary issue of interaction between regular Armenians and Azerbaijanis while crossing the border remains unresolved. This aspect holds the key to unlocking the deadlock and resuming normalcy in the region.

The involvement of ordinary citizens in the negotiations is crucial, as they will be directly affected by the outcomes. Ensuring trust and a conducive environment for interaction are pivotal in achieving sustainable peace and cooperation.

As the negotiations progress, the hope remains that a comprehensive agreement can be reached, one that addresses the concerns of all parties involved and leads to the unblocking of border crossings. The resolution of these issues will require time and patience, but it is vital to work towards a future where the movement of people and goods between Armenia and Azerbaijan is facilitated, fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.


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