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Russian Peacekeepers Reportedly Withdraw from Dadivank Monastery, Leaving it in the Hands of Azerbaijani Occupiers

Russian Peacekeepers Reportedly Withdraw from Dadivank Monastery, Leaving it in the Hands of Azerbaijani Occupiers

BREAKING: The personnel and military equipment of the Russian peacekeeping contingent have been withdrawn from the Dadivank monastery, as reported by the Azerbaijani state news agency, APA.

According to APA's sources, the Russian peacekeeping contingent recently vacated the Dadivank monastery premises, a few days prior to the reporting of the event. The responsibility for the protection of the monastery has purportedly been assumed by the occupying Azerbaijani police force.

This withdrawal marks the start of the process of disengaging the Russian peacekeeping presence from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) territory. Neither the official authorities of Azerbaijan nor those of the Russian Federation have provided any comments on this development at the time of reporting.

Approximately ten days prior to this event, Vugar Suleymanov, the head of the State Agency for Demining of Azerbaijan, had announced plans to involve Russian peacekeepers in demining activities in the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Dadivank Monastery, situated in Artsakh's historical Upper Khachen Province, holds profound historical and cultural significance. Nestled approximately 10 kilometers downstream from the confluence of the Tartar River and its tributary Dutkhu, the monastery stands as a testament to centuries of Armenian heritage. The site's history traces back to the 9th century, with its foundation attributed to the martyrdom of Dadi, a disciple of the apostle Thaddeus.

Throughout its existence, Dadivank endured periods of renovation, expansion, and devastation, mirroring the tumultuous political landscape of the region. From the second half of the 12th century, the monastery evolved into a major spiritual and cultural hub, undergoing successive waves of construction and refurbishment.

Despite its historical significance, Dadivank faced gradual decline and dilapidation from the 17th century onwards, losing its wealth and population over the centuries. With the advent of the Soviet regime, the monastery underwent further upheaval, eventually becoming a temporary residence for Muslim herders.

The withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Dadivank marks a detrimental moment in the monastery's storied history. Having Dadivank under the full control of Azerbaijani occupiers means the monastery faces cultural destruction.  


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