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Save The ArQ Co-Founder Hagop Djernazian Assaulted: Armenians in Jerusalem Face 10th Attack

Save The ArQ Co-Founder Hagop Djernazian Assaulted: Armenians in Jerusalem Face 10th Attack

BREAKING: On January 23, members of the Armenian community in Jerusalem faced yet another attack orchestrated by George Warwar's henchmen, marking the 10th aggressive encounter since November 5, 2023. The targeted assault unfolded when one of the assailants, affiliated with Xana Capital, physically attacked Hagop Djernazian, co-founder of Save The ArQ, in the presence of the Israeli Police.

In response to the assault, the Israeli Police promptly arrested the assailant, who is believed to be associated with George Warwar, and placed him in "Moscobieh" prison awaiting a court hearing. Subsequently, the police issued a 15-day restraining order against the aggressor from the Old City of Jerusalem and a 30-day restraining order from the Cows' Garden property in the Armenian Quarter.

Save The ArQ, represented by global lead counsel Karnig Kerkonian, is gearing up for a legal battle to secure the safety and security of the Armenian community in Jerusalem. Local criminal lawyer Assaf Golan, appointed by Save The ArQ, will be preparing a comprehensive court filing and legal package in the coming days.

The assault on Hagop Djernazian is part of a broader pattern of intimidation tactics employed by Danny Rothman and George Warwar of Xana Capital. These tactics include the deployment of bulldozers, collusion with Israeli settlers, and the use of hired thugs. The Armenian community has bravely faced ten such attacks, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to defending the Armenian Quarter.

Save The ArQ, undeterred by the escalating transgressions, remains resolute in their commitment to resisting aggression. In a statement, they emphasized that the harder they are attacked, the stronger their resistance will be. The Armenian community, supported by Save The ArQ, stands united against the ongoing assaults, vowing to protect the rich heritage of the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem.


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