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Second Azerbaijani Soldier Who Crossed to the Armenian Side in April 10 Found in Armenian’s Kapan

Azerbaijani Soldier

Local law enforcement officials from Syunik have been searching for an Azerbaijani serviceman who crossed over to the Armenian side on April 10. He was eventually spotted and caught by Ara Sukiasyan, a forester from Kapan Forestry.

According to the Governor of Syunik region, Robert Ghukasyan, the soldier was not carrying any weapons but had a notebook and a screwdriver.

On April 10, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that two of its soldiers had gone missing. The first one was found and captured by the Armenian Armed Forces on the same day, but the second remained at large.

Yesterday, Armenia's Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, announced that the first Azerbaijani soldier in custody had crossed the border due to humiliation from his Azerbaijani comrades and does not wish to return home.

It remains unclear whether the second Azerbaijani soldier wishes to stay in Armenia as well.


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