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Shaping Armenia's Textile Future: Lorens NYC's Aram Spendjian Talks Industry Shifts and Economic Impact

Lorens NYC's Aram Spendjian in front of Mackage

Lorens NYC: Paving the Way for Luxury Fashion in Armenia

Armenians in the diaspora love to see "Made in Armenia" labels, so when the Armenian Embassy in Canada announced the news about luxury jackets manufactured in Armenia, we—along with every Armenian—wanted all the details and perhaps a jacket or two. The Armenian Report reached out to Aram Spendjian, the key figure behind Lorens NYC, for an interview to delve into the significance of producing high-quality garments in Armenia, the shift in the textile industry, and the broader impact on the country's economy.

Lorens NYC's Aram Spendjian and Ashot Spendjian Armenian Embassy in Canada with Mackage jackets Made in Armenia

A Longing for "Made in Armenia" Products

Q: Thanks to you, your brother and your father’s efforts, Lorens NYC company, the Canadian high-quality outerwear manufacturer Mackage started producing its new collection of jackets in Armenia. The Armenian Embassy in Canada made the official announcement last week and every Armenian media company jumped on the opportunity to cover the story because we’re all aching for a good, positive uplifting story these days. Especially Armenians, precisely those in the diaspora, love to see more Made in Armenia products. They wear it proudly. Are you aware of this longing that Armenians have with Made in Armenia products?

A: Yes, of course and we are part of those Armenians with such a longing who are always looking out for ‘Made in Armenia products.’

Q: Given your family's extensive experience in the textile industry, what have you observed from other Armenians regarding clothing that is "Made in Armenia"? 

A: We have seen and have heard, with pride, each time a brand announces their intention to manufacture in Armenia. It is precisely because we have been in this industry for many generations (six that we can count) that we decided that our contribution towards building the Armenian economy would be through the garment manufacturing sector.

Q: Why do you think there is a strong desire to see more goods labeled "Made in Armenia"?

A: Because we take pride in seeing “Armenia” on the world stage. And deep down we know that any Armenian production means employment for Armenians.

Mackage jackets Made in Armenia

Shifting Industry Dynamics

Q: How do you see the industry shifting towards the Armenian market?

A: In the textile industry, there is a decided shift away from China and Far East countries. We felt this shift five years ago and thus started LORENS NYC, to position Armenia as a source for luxury production. We have the skilled labor to handle quality production; we have the proximity to the European market which is appealing to such brands.

Creating a Welcoming Environment for Manufacturers

Q: What can the Armenian market do to be more welcoming to companies looking to get their goods manufactured in Armenia?

A: Armenia needs to petition to be included in various trade organizations to get beneficial duty rates; Armenia needs to also incentivize the garment manufacturers/exporters in Armenia just as many of the other known sources have done in their respective countries.

Mackage jackets in the store, Made in Armenia

Diaspora Support for "Made in Armenia"

Q: What can the diaspora Armenian do to support Armenia and Made in Armenia products?

A: Our strategy to approaching brands has been to contact Armenians in our target companies. So the way to help is, any diasporan Armenian who works in a luxury brand, or knows someone who does, to contact us and make an introduction to their respective production team.

Made in Armenia jackets, Mackage jacket

Long-Term Mission: Beyond Mackage

Q: What is your long term mission with this project? Are you looking beyond Mackage?

A: Yes, we are looking far beyond making one or two or 5 brands in Armenia. We want Armenia to be synonymous with quality, luxury production. Our long term mission is for Armenia to become vertical in our industry (which means opening secondary and tertiary factories such as zippers, labels, fusing, buttons ...). That will make production sourcing much easier. Further we want our success to be an example to other diasporan Armenians. They should bring their respective industry to produce in Armenia. We feel very strongly that the means to strengthen the Armenian economy is to build the light industry. This will give a broad, grass roots base to the


Lorens NYC's Aram Spendjian at Mackage

Mackage Made in Armenia Jackets: A Success Story

Q: What was the feedback on the Mackage Made in Armenia jackets...

A: The Armenian community loves it!!

-from Mackage

They love the quality of the product and they love working with us because of our professionalism.

-from the Armenians themselves who made it

They take tremendous pride in having made this item and beyond that, they are very excited that we have opened a new market for them.

Q: Talk about the Mackage Made in Armenia jackets – where can one purchase? What colors? Feel? Material? Etc.

A: The jackets (FREYA-TR & MADALYN-TR) are available on the Mackage web site as well as their own retail stores. They are available also in better department stores such as Saks, Bloomingdale’s, etc. In addition to Canada, we shipped these items directly to the US, Europe and China. The materials are sourced from mills in the Far East and

Europe. It is a light ripstop fabric, in pale lime and air colorways.

Mackage made in armenia socks

Future Endeavors and Personal Significance

Q: Are there other projects in the works currently? If yes, can you talk about them?

A: Yes we are constantly discussing with, sampling for, producing for new (or existing) brands. We cannot really speak in more detail about them due to non disclosure agreements we have in place. But we will periodically announce what we have done.

Q: What does this mean to you personally as a proud Armenian?

A: Everything!! We are doing something meaningful for our beloved Armenia. And there can’t be anything more important than that.

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About Lorens NYC:

Lorens NYC, a full service garment manufacturing company, was founded in 2019 with the intent of bringing high level, quality fashion brands to manufacture in existing Armenian factories. With six generations of garment manufacturing experience, Lorens NYC bridges the western markets with modern Armenian production for luxury brands. Lorens NYC handles all aspects of sourcing, production, quality control and logistics. The overall purpose is to bring foreign orders into Armenia, create jobs, minimize labor migration and develop the light industry which is the bedrock of a strong economy.


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