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Soghomon Tehlirian Monument Unveiled in Marseille, France

Soghomon Tehlirian Monument Unveiled in Marseille, France

A ceremony unveiling the monument of Soghomon Tehlirian, a significant figure in Armenian history, took place today in Marseille, France. Tehlirian, known for his role in the "Nemesis" operation and as a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, was honored on March 15th with the inauguration of the monument.

Tehlirian gained notoriety for his actions on March 15, 1921, when he carried out the assassination of Talaat Pasha, the main orchestrator of the Armenian Genocide, in Berlin. Following a trial, Tehlirian was acquitted by a German court on June 2 of the same year. Subsequently, he journeyed to Belgrade before settling in the United States.

The significance of Tehlirian’s legacy continues to resonate, as evidenced by the dedication of a square in Marseille in his honor back in 2017. His courageous act in seeking justice for the Armenian people remains a symbol of resilience and determination.


During the opening ceremony, Hratch Varjabedian, President of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Europe, reflected on Tehlirian’s enduring message. Varjabedian envisioned Tehlirian’s stance on the current challenges facing Armenia, highlighting the ongoing struggle for justice and peace.

Varjabedian's remarks emphasized Tehlirian’s hypothetical response to the Armenian authorities' proposed normalization of relations and border opening with Turkey, a country guilty of the Armenian Genocide. Against the backdrop of recent attacks and occupation in Artsakh and continued threats from Azerbaijan, Varjabedian highlighted Tehlirian’s hypothetical call for steadfastness and adherence to principles.

"The one and only Treaty we recognize is the Treaty of Sevres," Varjabedian imagined Tehlirian declaring, emphasizing the importance of genuine reconciliation and justice for the Armenian people.

The unveiling of the monument serves as a reminder of Tehlirian’s commitment to seeking justice for the Armenian people and his enduring legacy in the fight against oppression and injustice.


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