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Teenager Commits Suicide in Armenia After Being Outed Online for His Sexual Orientation

Teenager Commits Suicide in Armenia After Being Outed Online for His Sexual Orientation

A 17-year-old boy has taken his own life in Armenia, reportedly after being outed by a popular local Telegram channel and kicked out of his home by his family, reports OC Media.

Andranik Shirinyan, Armenia's representative at Freedom House, highlighted that the teenager was evicted by his family after they discovered his sexual orientation.

Pink Armenia, a local organization championing queer rights, confirmed that the boy's suicide was a result of relentless bullying due to his sexual orientation. They emphasized that the teenager's images were featured on a Telegram channel known for spreading hate and inciting violence against individuals.

Investigative efforts have been initiated by the Armenian Investigative Committee, with spokesperson Gor Abrahamyan confirming a criminal investigation into incitement to suicide, carrying a potential sentence of up to 10 years for the culprits, especially given the victim's minor status.

Mamikon Hovsepyan, communications manager of Pink Armenia, said the lack of information from authorities, revealing, "His acquaintances said that after that publication [on Telegram], he was kicked out of the house." Hovsepyan also noted the victim's job loss and deteriorating mental state due to the incident.

Expressing concerns about the authorities' handling of the case, Hovsepyan criticized the police's alleged attempt to conceal the incident, suggesting their support often favors the abusers over victims in similar scenarios.

This tragic event has intensified discussions on LGBTQ+ rights in Armenia, with incidents of bullying and violence against queer individuals continually reported. Andranik Shirinyan criticized the government's role in protecting LGBTQ+ rights, emphasizing the need for comprehensive anti-discrimination laws and an overhaul of societal attitudes toward marginalized communities.


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